Christmas Gift Box, 6p cotton socks

The perfect Christmas present in a stylish gift box! The package contains 6 pairs of cotton socks in a nice mix: 2 socks with lovely Christmas motifs and 4 single-colored socks in black, navy blue, blue melange and sand melange.
75% Cotton 22% Polyamide 3% Elastane
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Cotton is the perfect material for everyday socks. It gives durable, easy-care socks that shape themselves perfectly to your feet. Choose a design to suit you.

Take care of your Topeco products

  • Follow the laundry instructions given on the product's packaging.
  • The laundry instructions are also included in the care label in the garment, except for socks.
  • Sort the laundry by temperature and color.
  • Close zipper and velcro strap, remove loose details.
  • Turn colored and printed garments inside out to preserve the color.
  • Washing bag should be used for nylon socks and finer garments.
  • Dosage detergent according to instructions on detergent packaging.
  • Direct sunlight can bleach the garment when drying.
  • Cotton garments should be stretched in wet conditions.
  • Wool socks should be washed in a wool program, max 40 degrees unless otherwise stated. Other wool products should be washed in a wool program, max 30 degrees half-filled machine.
When hand washing, the water temperature should be 30 - 40 degrees. Dissolve the detergent thoroughly in the water. You should avoid rubbing or twisting the garment. Also avoid letting colored items be soaked. Keep in mind that you can save both energy and the environment by washing on lower temperatures.