På Topeco har vi valt att dela in våra herrstrumpskollektioner efter användningstillfälle istället för efter årstid. Jackets and suits – Choose a knee-high sock so you don’t have a gap between pants and shoes. Mercerized cotton is sleeker than plain cotton. It’s the elegant choice.
Casual – Choose a comfortable "soft top" that’s softer around your calf. A patterned wool sock matches solid colors and is your personal style marker.
Discrete – Choose a sneaker or in-shoe sock that’s low-cut for a relaxed barefoot style. Goes well with shorts during the summer
Everyday smart – Choose an easy-to-wear cotton sock as your go-to sock. It’s classically neat, has an excellent fit and comes in many different colors and patterns.

We sew our underwear using knitted fabrics made of combed yarn and long, mature fibers. They give you that smooth, even, high-quality feel. Their soft elastic, well-placed seams gives extra comfort.    

Regular boxer – A medium-length figure-hugging model.
Boxer with fly – A medium-length figure-hugging model with fly.
Brief –A figure-hugging model without legs
Woven boxer – A looser fit with fly and hidden buttons. Perfect under loose pants or as pajama shorts.  
Long pants – A soft, smooth, figure-hugging long pant with fly and cuffs with elastic. Fits nicely under narrower pants.